Your brakes- THE MOST important pedal on your vehicle.  When driving an automobile, few performance attributes are taken more for granted than the vehicle's braking capabilities.  Simply put, drivers expect their vehicles' brakes to work every time, without exception. 


Important Fluid System Notice!    

Specializing in auto brake repair. 

We specialize in automotive brake repair and brake service. We are not just another brake shop! We care about what we do and we understand everyone is budget minded.  Our consultation will clearly explain what you NEED versus what is recommended. Recommended services, although valuable, are often times the cause of large repair bills.  If you don't need it, we will make sure you understand it is simply an option. After all, if you don't have money for gas...what good are your brakes.  Don't trust your brake repairs to just anyone doing "brake jobs". Let us make sure you stop when your life depends on it!

Our services cover all aspects of car brake repair and truck brake repair including: brake service, brake relining, ABS diagnostics and ABS repair, regular and scheduled maintenance, rotor machining, rotor turning, upgrades, auto brake system customization, drum to disc brake conversions, and fluid exchange.  If it is part of your brake system we can handle it!  We also service trailers and electric braking components.

How do brakes work?

Your braking system is comprised of two basic parts: Friction parts and Hydraulic parts.  Your friction parts are the components, pads and shoes,  that compress against rotors and drums to slow and stop your vehicle.  Your hydraulic system is the system that translates the pressure applied to the brake pedal to cause your friction parts to compress.

Scheduled Maintenance and Inspection.

All automobile manufacturers have scheduled maintenance periods for the various components of your braking system.  Other parts of your system only require service after certain amounts of wear and use.  It is important to have your braking system inspected every six months or 24,000 miles.  Noise, pulsation, brake fade, squealing, chattering, and other such indicators are all reasons to have your vehicle's braking system inspected immediately.  The sooner you act on indicators and regular maintenace, the less likely you are to have  more expensively damaged components. Above all, you will be increasing you and your family's safety. 

Stop NOW before it's too late!

Nix Automotive Brake Service, LLC is a certified Raybestos installer.